Raze 2 Abilities Game

A Guide to Abilities - Raze 2

Raze 2 provides players with 7 unique abilities that can be used after a cooldown period. Only one ability can be equipped per player and their functions range from technical to defensive and offensive. Learning to determine the types of weapons you prefer and the way you play the game, will help you learn which ability suits your character best.

Resupply (Cost: Free)

This is the very first ability you learn and by default it will be automatically equipped on your character, what this does is to replenish the ammunition of your current gun. The usefulness of this skill is very high - particularly when you are using weapons that have limited ammunition such as the rocket launcher or the sniper rifle. Of course, before you decide to use the skill, it is important that you take a quick look around your surrounding area to check if you can reload your gun through standard sources.

The only drawback about resupply is that it is not useful for lower tier weapons -this means that you have to take the time to switch to a better gun before activating this.

Cloak (Cost: 500)

Cloak will turn your character semi invisible for a short amount of time. Now this may not seem like a big deal, but it can help you escape from really tight situations or set up an ambush on an opponent. The effectiveness of cloak is best seen (or rather, unseen) when there is plenty of action going on -also, it pays off to activate the ability when you have no enemies onscreen (ensuring that they do not know you are cloaked). After all, the best way to stay hidden is when no one is actively looking for you.

Be careful when you are cloaked, you can still be seen by players who pay close attention to the backgrounds and most importantly, you can be hit by stray bullets or explosions. Invisibility is not invulnerability, and you will still need to dodge bullets that head your way. Lastly, cloak can do wonders during certain battle types -such as domination and capture the flag, since the ability allows you to sneak past enemy defenses.

Static Field (Cost: 1300)

The static field is the perfect protective shield: nothing goes in, nothing goes out. As impressive as this may seem, it also means that any players inside a static field will not be able to fire at targets. So what is it good for?

The static field keeps you safe from any damage, which buys you time for teammates to arrive and bail you out. Or at least figure out a plan to bring your enemy down with you. Also, the field will literally repel any bullet fired at it, which means that if you use it in the middle of enemy soldiers and they start shooting at you, it is likely that a few bullets will bounce back to the source.

Emergency Heal (Cost: 1500)

This provides players with a quick health refill when their main HP runs low -pretty useful for long term battles, but we still prefer getting by with a shield. Outright, this ability does keep you running after taking a solid hit, and considering its cost, it is reasonably priced for starting players. Also, in some of the campaign stages, emergency heal will help you last long enough to beat some of the boss-type characters.

Katana (Cost: 2200)

The katana is a close range melee weapon that hits any opponent standing right in front of you for a decent amount of damage (somewhere around half a life bar). Using this to kill an enemy will net you the slasher kill bonus and also, saves you plenty of ammunition. In terms of usefulness, this ability allows you to dish out more damage when opponents get beside you, at the same time, it is perfect for finishing off unsuspecting enemies.

The only drawback with the katana is that it is very limited in use and for players who are not yet used to the controls, using it practically takes practice and time.

Grenade (Cost: 2800)

The grenade is like a mini rocket launcher with a short range ballistic trajectory. Also, it has a mildly delayed explosion after it lands. The good thing about it is that it can dish out plenty of damage on a target, the bad thing is that it is easy to dodge. To use a grenade properly, you need to be able to predict your target's movements - or simply throwing it towards a group of unsuspecting enemies.

As fun as this weapon is, it lacks the precision of the landmine - which means that the short 700 credit difference makes the landmine worth investing in.

Landmine (Cost: 3500)

Landmines are basically exploding booby-traps and they can solve a lot of your problems. If you have an enemy that seems to prefer a specific route, then lining up the way with explosive mines will help deter them (or if they do not watch their step, kill them outright). At the same time, you should also be careful of mines being laid down near important stage elements: power ups and weapons are favorite spots to plant mines in.

The best part about the landmine is that once you use it, you can let it do its job without any issues. You and your teammates will not trigger your own landmines, so do not hesitate to add a defensive layer of explosive mines where it is needed. At 3500, the landmine upgrade can be very expensive, but it is most worth it. That fact that it spells certain doom for any target with low HP means that it must be used whenever possible; we recommend placing mines in locations that are slightly obscured (such as in water or slightly obscured by the light of jumping pads) as well as in locations that the enemies will not suspect (such as at the bottom of a drop or on an only ledge.