Raze 2 Achievements Game

Raze 2 Achievements Guide

Multiplayer platform combat shooter Raze 2 has plenty of great things going for it: an additive gameplay, innovative use of long range weapons, and a solid singe player campaign that will challenge even hardcore gamers. There is plenty to see and explore in the game, and for completionists, the game also adds in the bonus of an achievement list.

Raze 2 has a total of 10 different achievements that will require players to not only to finish the primary campaign and complete a few special feats, but also a bit of secret hunting from the players. For those of you still wondering how to accomplish certain achievements - specifically, the first four, here is a complete guide on how to unlock them all.

Oh Hi Kitty

This achievement takes a nod to the lolcat meme that has been spreading around in the intenet (hence the name). To unlock this, play a quick match in the frostbite stage. You will notice that by observing the left and right sides of the giant spike-ridden gap in the center of the stage (near the bridges), the "roof" is actually a giant mass of snowy land. Climb up on top of it (you need to position your jump properly) and walk straight to the center of the snow covered platform. From there, simply jump straight up, a hidden jump boost will send you flying into the lolcat image hidden in the stage.

Be sure to have plenty of health before doing this and once you climb up, quickly run to the center of the platform as the stage will slowly drain your life. After accomplishing this, you will unlock the lolcats mode.

Love is Blind

This trophy can only be unlocked in the tutorial stage of the human campaign. To trigger it, simply play through the stage as you normally would. Once the game reaches the part where it teaches you about jump platforms, do the task and run back to the platform.

The sequence where your trainer will point out an incoming missile will begin. At this point, be sure to be standing near the jump boost panel. Wait for the missile to explode then try to go back up to the spawn point. It should be noted that doing this is not as easy as it sounds -the jump boost panel is near your feet, accidentally triggering it will toss you down the stage and unable to unlock the secret unless you retry.

After you manage to climb back up, go back to the very first area and you will find that the computers in the background of the stage seems to have been affected by the missile blast -triggering the dancing heart sequence. Doing this will unlock the 4x Health Mode.

I Hate Nature

To get this, you must play a quick match in the Facility stage. Head to the lower left part of the stage near the gate where the facility opens up to the underwater area. Here you will find a small group of trees with their branches and leaves reaching all the way up to the roof. In capture the flag and domination matches, a flag or base can be found here.

Unlock the achievement by shooting all your ammunition at the leaves above you -this will take some time to accomplish and will consume a good lot of your ammunition so be prepared. Fortunately, there are several weapon spawn points nearby that you can make use off.

After shooting enough bullets, the achievement will be awarded and players will unlock the Unlimited Ammo mode.

Reach for the Sky

Like the love is blind achievement, this one can only be obtained by playing a particular stage. To do this, play the human campaign up to the fourth stage: Cause and Effect. Once you reach this point, head to the extreme left portion of the stage and look for the jump boost pad near the top.

Using this boost pad will launch you towards the center of the stage (and you even get an invulnerability power-up on the way too). Once you land, fire a couple of bullets straight up. If the achievement does not unlock at this point, then move a step to the right and keep shooting up - continue the process of stepping right and shooting straight up to finally unlock it.

Obtaining reach for the sky will allow players to access the Moon Corpses mode -for those wondering, moon corpses will change the physics of dead players and make their bodies float and stay in the air longer. This is more than just a slight visual tweak, having corpses floating around will affect gameplay as they can still absorb bullets.

A New Hope

One of the easiest ones to earn, this one is done simply by finishing the human campaign. Doing this awards 500 credits. For those wondering, the name of this achievement is inspired by the very first movie in the original Star Wars trilogy.

A New Era

Now this is significantly more challenging than a New Hope. A New Era requires players to finish the alien campaign. Considering the more difficult AI and boss battles of the alien campaign, expect to end up getting fully trained in Raze if you pursue this trophy. Accomplishing this nets an award of 1000 credits.


One of the simpler achievements, earn this by buying 4 abilities. No rush doing this, you will earn it eventually. Doing this will award 300 credits.


Slightly more complex than versatile, but still relatively easy; this simply entails buy three defensive equipments, three utility equipments and three offensive equipments. They can even be the smallest ones and the achievement will still unlock. Toolkit will reward players with 300 credits.

Stylish and Kill Enthusiast

These last two achievements are actually tied to each other (or rather, if you choose to accomplish Kill Enthusiast, then you would naturally earn Stylish halfway through. Stylish is unlocked by earning 15 different kill bonuses (headshots, show off, etc), and Kill Enthusiast is earned by doing all 30 kill bonuses. Stylish will award players with 500 credits while kill Enthusiast awards 800.