Raze 2 Equipment Game

A Guide to Equipment - Raze 2

Aside from purchasing more powerful weaponry, the credits earned in Raze 2 is often best spent on equipment. The right combination of which will allow you to endure different types of damage, earn more rewards and be able to kill enemies faster -and it is all a matter of being able to choose the right set of equipment to wear.

There are three general classes of equipment, defensive, utility and offensive. Every player can equip one equipment per type - which means that combining all three will provide character with very unique traits.

Defensive Equipment

Flux Capacitor (Cost:400)

The Flux Capacitor provides players with an additional defense boost when shielded -to be precise, a full 20% reduction to damage. The only drawback is that this bonus only works if you have shield equipped. Unless you use the shied battery utility equipment, then the flux capacitor is not really recommended. For those wondering, the name is inspired by the core system of the time travelling Delorean used in the Back to the Future series.

Medipack (Cost: 800)

For a low cost item, the medipack will certainly help you survive your way out of an intense gunfight -provided to get some ample space between you and your enemies. The medipack works by regenerating health when it hits below 40%. Of course, this only brings your HP back to a little below halfway, but this slight difference is enough to help you withstand a couple of bullet shots.

Armor Plating (Cost: 1600)

Our most heavily recommended piece of equipment, the armor plating essentially nullifies fire damage and critical effects of shots aimed at your head, butt and crotch. Simply put, this armor equalizes the damage of every shot you receive, and no criticals means no sudden life drop -giving you the upper hand in close up encounters.

Combat Armor (Cost: 1600)

Equipping this piece of defensive tech allows your character to have a bonus of 50% more maximum health. This means that you can take more damage than anyone else -as well as survive explosions and hits that would have otherwise killed another player.

Adrenaline Boost (Cost: 2000)

This little upgrade allows you to survive critical hits that would have otherwise depleted your HP to zero. Your character will be left with only 1% HP, but sometimes, that might be all you need to win. Of course, if you were hit by a flame type weapon, expect to die afterwards from the fire damage. On the other hand, this little defensive tool will allow you to take a rocket launcher shot to the head and still live to tell about it.

Utility Equipment

Point Allocator (Cost 600)

This has to be the most efficient utility tool we have used; the point allocator awards players with an additional 2 credits for every successful kill. Sure, the initial 600 credit cost may seem like a big deal, but if you are the type who manages to score plenty of kills per match, then it would not take long to rack up the 300 kills needed for this item to pay off, and afterwards, you will be able to farm credits faster than ever.

Pickup Booster (Cost: 900)

Depending on the type of gameplay you prefer, the pickup booster can be incredibly useful or completely pointless. The key in how much of pack rat you can be in combat. If you are the type who systematically maps the locations of health and shield boosts on the stage and frequently refills, then the pickup booster simply provides a minor degree of convenience. But if you are an aggressive type of player who like to zoom around the stage with absolute abandon, then the pickup booster's additional 60% bonus to health and shields will certainly prove to be very useful.

Power Extender (Cost: 1200)

This little upgrade's effectiveness relies on the location of the stage's buff powerups: namely rapid fire, double damage and invulnerability. If you know where they are and can easily reach them, then the power extender will help turn you into a walking death machine. This boost adds an addition 40% to the amount of time that a buff stays active -which means more seconds to cause even more destruction than you thought possible.

Cooling Packs (Cost: 1500)

This may seem like a simple upgrade - speeding up the cooldown period of your abilities by almost a third. But when you think about the different abilities available -being able to cast them more often would certainly be fun. Take "cloak" for example, using cooling packs will allow you to sneak around a lot more often than before and it will allow you to line up those headshots while staying hidden from view.

Shield Battery (Cost: 1800)

The shield battery's bonus is only useful when you spawn - it instantly adds 25% shields to your character; but after that, the utility becomes practically useless (unless you die and respawn again). We would recommend pairing this one up with the flux capacitor which helps enhance your shield defense.


Stablizer (Cost: 1000)

With the stabilizer, all your guns now have 40% better accuracy, this means that your targeting reticule will be a lot smaller and your bullets more likely to hit a target. However, this boost is only useful if you are the type who likes guns with wild reticules (such as the laser minigun). If you prefer to use precision weapons such as the railgun, sniper rifle and the focus beam, then you are better off with a different upgrade.

Spiral Chamber (Cost: 1200)

The spiral chamber is perfect for players who prefer to use shotguns, the shredder and any other weapon that could benefit from having a much larger range. Using this upgrade on the focus beam turns the weapon into a long range gatling laser.

Target Marker (Cost: 1400)

Perfect for snipers and other high-accuracy emphasis players. The target marker provides you with a bonus of an additional 20% damage to headshots, crotch shots and butt shots. This also works well with several automatic weapons, particularly if you practice aiming for the head.

Hair Trigger (Cost: 1600)

If you like weapons whose damage stats rely on the number of bullets you can dish out in a single moment, then the hair trigger is the wisest decision for you. Be it the laser minigun, the flame thrower, hail storm or any other device, hair trigger ensures that you get to unload your clip faster than your targets.

Extra Clips (Cost: 1800)

When you first grab a weapon, it will have half its maximum number of available reload magazines. This upgrade ensures that regardless of what weapon you find, you will always have more ammunition to use on your targets. Maxing out the clips will save you time looking for more weapons of the same kind. Of course, this upgrade does not account for much when you have already obtained plenty of weapons.