Raze 2 Farming Credits Game

Credits can be hard to come by early in the game. Fortunately, we found a quick way to farm those super important credits, and all you need to do is this:

First, create a quick match capture the flag game and set it for 25 flag points to win. This will allow you to control how long the match will take. Other types of matches will either take too long or be far too short. With a 25 point limit you can easily control your pace and have enough leeway for those occasional moments when the AI may score a quick point. Almost any map is good, just try to avoid maps where you might accidentally fall and die.

raze 2: farming credits

Second, give yourself two or three super easy AI teammates. These guys are not really useful for anything and will occasionally try to score a flag point (which you do not want to happen), but they are needed for the precious killsteal bonus you can get from them.

Third, set the enemies to super easy enemies. They will not put up much of a fight - which is the key factor here, and they will make for very easy targets.

Lastly, if you can afford to buy the ability which enables two credits earned per kill, do so, it will pay off very handily here.

Once you are set, start the game and immediately go for the enemy flag. Of course, kill any of the bots that get in your way and pick up as many weapons as you can. Once you grab hold of the flag, bring it back to your base -doing this will net you 25 credits. In fact, every flag capture earns you 25 credits. Do this 10 times and that is an instant 250 in your pocket. But this is not where the payoff is, in fact you are just setting up until now.

raze 2: capture the flag

After earning 10 or so flag capture points, you may have noticed that you get a nifty credit bonus for any kill you make while holding the flag (a 'show off' bonus). Now this is where things get interesting. As long as you hold the flag (and stay alive, which should be relatively easy considering the low level enemies), you control when the match ends. So keep killing enemies while you hold the flag! Chances are you can nail combination bonuses such as 'direct hit', 'kill steal', 'show off' in a single attack. Some combinations will earn you as much as 12 bonus points for a single shot (miniguns and rocket launchers are recommended here).

Once you get tired of making credits, you can easily end the game by getting all the remaining flag points you have not taken. And that is the reason why you need to start the game by earning a massive lead - not to ensure victory, but to make ending the match more convenient for you (at a 25 flag point limit, you can start farming comfortably from 10 to 20, depending your taste).