Raze 2 Stages Game

Reference Guide: Raze 2 Stages

When you are being chased down by two heavily equipped opponents and have taken heavy damage, simply knowing which direction to run could mean the difference between victory or defeat. This is why knowing the battlefield is always a big advantage in any form of combat -because when you are in a familiar environment, you get surprised less and you get to plan more. Here is our quick guide to the various stages in Raze 2.

Night and Day

Before we head of to the main guide, there is one little thing we want to point out: the use of stage settings. Each stage appears in two forms: one in nighttime and another in daytime. This means that the light and background details of the stages will change, but the stage itself (platforms, item locations and all) will remain the same. Use this to your advantage when playing -try to match your player skin with the background to improve the chances of concealing yourself. Keep track of the location of the bright sunlight in order to position yourself well in combat.

The Stages:

raze 2: crash landing

Crash Landing - this is basically a long horizontal map spanning the ruins of a crashed spaceship. Expect plenty of combat on the edges as that is where the shield and health power ups appear. The underside of the map showcases a long corridor perfect for long range sniping with the rail gun or a similar weapon. The top area has a jump boost from the left that will help you obtain an invulnerability power-up and send you to the top center of the stage. This is also the stage where players can earn the Reach for the Sky achievement.

raze 2: dome

Dome - plenty of up and down combat here -expect to see plenty of players using the shredder to take advantage of the multi-level platforms, so watch out for threats above and below. The easily accessible dual damage power up also encourages the use of heavy weapons such as rocket launchers. For those who love to play defensively, there is an easy to reach invulnerability power-up near the upper right side of the stage just past the jump. The lowest portion of the stage is knee-deep in water which will slow down players -only drop in here when you are not being chased.

raze 2: facility

Facility - this map has a large underwater area on the left and a massive jumping shaft on the right. Most of the combat here tends to take place on the lower left part of the stage (the one with the plants where players can earn the I Hate Nature achievement), so be sure to bring weapons that can deal splash damage and also, keep track of the health icon that spawns to the right and the shield boost on the left. The top part of the stage is nice big room with platforms overhead -making it a good spot for getting plenty of headshots. The water area makes all jumps less affected by gravity, but also slows down general movement. It is a great place to chase down low-health targets, and the jump boost on the upper left provides a quick getaway from an ambush.

raze 2: frostbite at night time

Frostbite - takes you on a giant snow-covered stage. There are three primary points here, the two sides which are connected to the center area by bridges, and the central part of the map which has a lower pathway and an upper route with a spike pit. Do remember that crossing the spike pit is pretty much impossible without using the jump pads on the left and right sides of the map (speaking of which, do not ride these facing backwards as it will slow down your jump and land you on the spikes). In capture the flag, the jump pads are critical elements for getting in and out of enemy territory fast, so be sure to use them to your advantage. For completionists, this map is the location of the "Oh Hi Kitty" achievement.

raze 2: headquarters invasion

Headquarters - is the same map as the tutorial stage, and is a great location for players who want close range combat with plenty of action. The general layout of the stage is pretty much a giant square with a small platform on the upper right. Expect plenty of use for splash damage weapons such as rocket launchers and acid hounds, as well as specialty guns like the flamethrower or the shredder. This is not an ideal map for games such as capture the flag -since the likelihood of scoring a flag point in a match with high tier opponents is pretty low, which means some matches might take forever to finish. There are plenty of health of shield power ups on the lowest area of the stage so be sure to use those when needed -and also, it is easy to get cornered on the lower edges of the stage, try to get up on the upper platforms when you get hounded by two or more enemies.

raze 2: judgement

Judgement - takes players in the ruins of two large buildings and the sewers below it. This is a very large map with plenty of platforms and pathways to use. This is most recommended for games with a full 12 players in the combat roster. In this map, the action can be anywhere. The lower most path is a giant sewer tunnel that stretches from left and right, to access this path, you can drop down on the extreme edges of the stage or through the center area (which is near a double damage power up). Just above the dropping holes are jump boost panels (two on the left side, one on the right side). These panels are the quickest way to get from the sewer level to the roof of the buildings. The buildings are about four floors each and the left building is leaning on the right one. If this is your first run through the stage, expect to be confused at the start since most of the floors pretty much look the same.

raze 2: mines

Mines - this stage sports plenty of interesting elements. From the right most part of the stage, you have got a jump boost pad that will send you to the left side of the stage. Just below it is a player team area, a conveyor belt and a lava-filled pit-trap. It goes without saying that falling into the pit trap means instant death. Taking the aforementioned jump boost, players will land on top of a large warehouse-like structure with several weapon spawn points. Inside the warehouse is a large shaft that leads down to another jump pad and to the left is another shaft -smaller and leads to another team area (depending on the battle settings). Dropping down either one of the shafts or taking the conveyor belt, leads to the central area of the stage -a giant crystal mine with a lower route and an upper segmented platform route.

raze 2: shipyard

Shipyard - is a large stage that sports a triple level styled route, an easy to remember layout and plenty of space for 12 combatants. In capture the flag mode, the team areas are located on the extreme left and right areas -demarcated by a small shelter-like roof and a small generator platform inside (health power ups spawn on top of these). Both areas have a roof access and a side access which both lead to the central area. As stated, the central area has three levels -a long lower route, a middle route and an upper area. There is a small UFO-like craft in the center, the lower route takes you below it, the middle route goes right on the roof of the UFO and the upper route goes above all of these. Since the platforms are small, it is easy to change levels just by jumping (or double jumping). The only shield power up in this whole stage is the upper center of the map -making it a central focus of combat for advanced players.