Raze 3 Game

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Arm yourself with a vast array of weapons, equipment, and abilities to fight aliens, zombies and robots to save the earth. Or become the enemy and fight to destroy it.

Raze 3 is Out and It is Awesome

Raze 3 is a perfect example of developers constantly improving and polishing a game in order to make fans happy. With this third installment to the game, we are outright overjoyed with the sheer amount of content provided for both the story and free mission modes of the game. Forget everything previously said about the game’s lack of a proper background story. Raze’s devs seem to have spent plenty of time on the third game’s narrative –in addition to polishing up the gameplay and adding tons of details to the visuals. More than simply being a massive show of improvement, Raze 3 provides a whole new direction for the game series.

Looks the Same, Only Better

One of the first things that we noticed about the first two Raze games was the fact that the graphics could have used a bit of detailing and improvement on the line-art (maybe even try a new art style). Well, the art direction certainly hasn’t changed –we still have the clunky thick lines and overly contrasting colors, but in terms of sheer visual details, this game delivers oodles of it. Every single gun has its own unique animations, from the projectile lighting effects to the little shell casings to the charging energy beams; every single weapon provides a unique visual feast (the sniper rifle’s special zoom in attack is also a joy to use).

The stages are no different either: everything feels so dynamic and alive. If you ever wondered what a ship-wide shootout would look like if you where careening across hyperspace –this game lets you experience it firsthand. There are tons of dynamic and active in-stage animations running at the same time, and some are even part of the environmental content that will affect the flow of battle.

Character animations seem to have been given additional frames (or the game is just performing a whole lot better), and of course, some of the new weapons require new attack poses as well.

More Need for Hardware

It comes as to no surprise that the game does need players to make use of a decent gaming rig. While you can play Raze 3 on a slightly lower-spec machine, it will affect the gameplay heavily. And this trigger-happy shootout requires both tight controls and fast input-response –play it on a good computer and the trade-off is well worth it: the combat is absolutely satisfying to play.

Free battles are obviously where it’s at Unreal Tournament style, and all combatants get the full run of the entire stage. There are a lot of health and weapon spawn points so stay on your toes and keep moving. Also, be wary of anything that moves in this game. There are plenty of new projectile attacks that are difficult to predict in terms of trajectory (unless you have been playing long enough to easily recognize the attacks of the new guns).

New Players Welcome

While it may seem that the third Raze game panders heavily to the fans of the first two games, fear not. This game is as good an experience for new players as well and far out strips similar games such as Unreal Flash 3. Raze 3’s single player campaign is a standalone story mode that allows you to enjoy the narrative without having to have finished or even played the first two. And the learning curve is heavily complemented by the SP stage design, ensuring that by the time you finish, you would already be focusing on mastering the game as opposed to just learning it.